ConvertLead Review + OTO – The Best Lead Automation Tool

ConvertLead Review

The Best Lead Automation Tool?


Online. Offline. It doesn’t matter.

We all need leads to build a thriving business.

The unfortunate truth is the majority of us have done a poor job with turning those leads into paying customers.

Let me guess….

Lead-to-Customer conversion rates around 10%? 5%? Even 1%?

Especially with soaring ad costs, nobody wants to tank their marketing budget with a negative ROI, right?

That is why I write My ConvertLead Review to introduce you to a lead management platform that was built for how leads are supposed to be managed.

Keep reading My ConvertLead Review to get more information!

ConvertLead Review – Overview


Creator  Mark Thompson
Product  ConvertLead
Launch Date  2022-Sep-20
Launch Time  11:00 EST
Official website  Click here (Discount Link)
Front-End Price  $67
Refund  30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
Bonuses  Yes, Huge Bonuses
Skill  All Levels
Niche  Software
Support  Еffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе
Recommend  Highly recommend!

What Exactly Is ConvertLead?


ConvertLead is a lead management system that helps to convert and close more leads to customers faster. It comes packed with features, including…

  • Unlimited campaigns

  • Unlimited automations (drag & drop builder)

  • Unlimited integrations (over 3000+)

  • Unlimited agents (scale with no limits)

  • Unlimited reminders (boost response time)

  • Unlimited leads (scale with no limits)

  • Call recording (improve performance)

  • Push notifications (timely alerts)

  • 2 way text messages (personalized touch)

  • Conditional actions (if/then automation)

  • Blind calls (fast auto-dial)

  • Lightweight CRM

  • Response time tracking (close more deals)

  • Mobile App (iOS & Android)

ConvertLead Review – Key Features & Benefits

  ♦ Manage All Your Lead Records In One Centralized Database

  • Seamlessly gather your leads from any platform.

  • 3,000+ possible integrations

  • Auto-assign leads to certain sales people.

  • Rotate lead assignments.

  • View communication history.

  • Get timely email & SMS alerts.

  ♦ Respond Faster And Convert More Leads

Improve response time with push notifications and response time tracking.

  • New lead alerts

    Receive real-time notifications every time you get a new lead!

  • E-mail messages

    Send email reminders or follow-up with your prospects and customers.

  • Desktop calls

    Connect with your prospects and leads right from your desktop computer.

  • Blind calls

    Instantly connect your leads with your sales team and win more business.

  • Push notifications

    Send automatic notifications to your sales team and push them to call their leads.

  • 2-way text messages

    Get more loyal customers and build relationships, not just a one-way conversation.

  ♦ Create Automated Outreach Flows

Engage in multi-channel campaigns, leverage social platforms and reach your client’s audience.

  ♦ Each Call Is Recorded In The Cloud

Gain helpful insights and improve overall sales performance.

  • Improve your lead qualification process.

  • Ensure sales reps are addressing prospect’s problems.

  • Improve proper phone etiquette.

  • Confirm reps are following company SOPs and call scripts.

  • Ensure reps are overcoming objections and the fear of hearing “no”.

For more information about this product, click the button below:


How Does It Work?


ConvertLead Review – Pricing

Please Check The Funnel & Each Upgrade Details Below:

  ♥ Front End: ConvertLead ($67)

  • Unlimited campaigns

  • Unlimited automations

  • Unlimited integrations

  • Unlimited agents

  • Unlimited reminders

  • Unlimited leads

  • Call recording

  • Push notifications

  • 2 way text messages

  • Instant new lead alerts

  • Conditional actions

  • Blind calls

  • Lightweight CRM

  • Analytics

  • Multi level accounts

  • Lead rotator

  • Integrations (3000+ apps)

  • Desktop calls

  • Response time tracking

  • Mobile App

  ♥ OTO1: ConvertLead (Agency) (37/mo or 297/one-time)

Manage clients (and their campaigns) from one interface

Scale your lead generation as a service with minimum overall.

  • Monitor response time per client and per agent.

  • Track lead performance over time.

  • Add unlimited sales reps/agents.

  • Provide tangible results to minimize client churn.

Bonus #1: The Profit Model Intensive

Learn the step-by-step formula for how to accelerate Entrepreneurial growth, generating close to $60,000/mo in recurring revenue in less than 90 days. There are lots of business models that don’t last and cannot stand the test of time.

But the principles you are about to learn for generating new customers will never die. No matter the economic environment, there will always be businesses that need new customers. This is truly recession-proof.

Bonus #2: The Profit Model 2 Hour Live Workshop (Recordings)

Bonus #3: Client Closing Blueprint

Discover the most efficient & fastest way to find and close local business owners with no cold calls.

Bonus #4: Google Rankings Done-For-You
Optimize local businesses for Google 1st page. Better Rankings – More Customers – More business!

Bonus #5: Top 25 Local Niches

The same high-converting email closing sequence that we’ve been using in our own 6 fig/year automated agency with worldwide clients.

Let’s break down everything you’ll receive with your agency upgrade:

  • Convertlead agency (unlimited clients)

  • The Profit Model Intensive

  • 2 Hour Live Workshop (Recordings)

  • Client Closing Blueprint

  • Google Ranking Done for you

  • Top 25 local niches

  ♥ OTO2: Lead Engines

  • 139/one-time – 1,000 Leads

  • 179/one-time – 3,000 Leads

  • 249/one-time – 5,000 Leads

  • 499/one-time – 10,000 Leads

100% Fully-Automate Your B2B Prospecting Engine With a Virtually ENDLESS Flood of Red-Hot Leads Added Directly into Your ConvertLead Campaigns

Advanced Filters Including:

  • Over 100 Industries

  • Specific Titles or Department/Functions

  • Country » State/Region » City Filter

  • Search “Keywords” in Bio/Description

  • Business Employee Count

  • Company Search (ie: Amazon)

  • Make Tweaks/Refinements Easily

  • All Prospects Validated & Cleansed in Real-Time (no outdated databases)

Every Prospect Includes:

  • First Name, Last Name

  • Business Email Address (no gmail/hotmail, etc…)

  • 100% Verified Email Address

  • Phone Number

  • Company Name, Website URL

  • Company Address

  • Duplicates Removed

  ♥ OTO3: Trafic & Lead Generation Masterclass (97/one-time)

Discover How to Fill Your Funnels with the Most Cost-Effective, Highly Targeted, Qualified Leads to Create Hockey-Stick Growth for your Business or Agency

Trafic Masterclass

  • Module 1: Traffic Types

    We’ll be breaking down the traffic mix, with a balanced combination of short-term and long-term traffic techniques.

  • Module 2: Facebook Velocity

    Even with the seamingly daily changes to Facebook Ads, you’ll discover an evergreen approach to targeting low-click, high-converting visitors on one of the largest traffic sources across the web.

  • Module 3: Youtube Velocity

    Leveraging the 2nd largest search engine, learn how to siphon traffic from videos on YouTube, placing your ads in front of the right audience.

  • Module 4: Quora Velocity

    One of the most under-utilized sites to generate buyer-intent traffic from — you’ll learn how to create ads and put them in front of prospects who are in the “discovery” phase of finding the right solution/product for their pain or challenge.

  • Module 5: Review Generation Engine

    Learn a unique way for generating hundreds of 5-star reviews and create bullet-proof review pages on sites like Capterra, G2 and TrustRadius for social proof and credibility.

  • Module 6: Comparison Capture System

    Discover how to craft the perfect competitor comparison page, to help position your brand and product above the rest.

  • Module 7: PR Placement System

    One of the most under-utilized sites to generate buyer-intent traffic from — you’ll learn how to create ads and put them in front of prospects who are in the “discovery” phase of finding the right solution/product for their pain or challenge.

  • Module 8: Pixel Converter

    With over 95% of your traffic, visiting your website and not taking any action, it’s important to create a system for keeping your brand/product in front of them until they are ready to make buying decision. See the method that pixels each visitor and follows them around the web so you can turn them into customers.

Lead Generation Masterclass

  • Module 1: Prospecting Sharperner

    With over 95% of your traffic visiting your website and not taking any action, it’s important to create a system for keeping your brand/product in front of them

  • Module 2: Cold-to-Hot Email System

    The majority of cold emails, suck (to put it nicely). Our cold outreach system consistently delivers over 50+% open rates and turns ice cold leads into warm prospects within a week.

  • Module 3: Inbound Pipeline

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have your sales team open their Calendar and see nothing but booked appointment after booked appointment?

  • Module 4: LeadFeeder

    A lead is good if it’s a qualified lead. Put every lead you generate through the leadfeeder and ensure you or your sales team is only spending your valuable time on leads who have the best chance for converting into customers.

  • Module 5: Linkedin Velocity

    Discover the step-by-step system used to leverage #1 social network for professionals — generating dozens are new prospects each and every week, on auto-pilot.

  • Module 6: Chatbot Handler

    Chatbots are a great way to not only pre-qualify your prospects but drive booked calls/appointments with zero overhead. Learn how to put your chatbot to work, as a 24/7 employee — that you never have to pay.

  • Module 7: CRM Sharpener

    With all of these new leads coming through the door — we don’t want any of them to slip through the cracks, right? Use this system to leverage your CRM and properly manage your sales pipeline with first-class communication and follow-up with your prospects.

  • Module 8: Demo Closer

    Are you booking a lot of appointments, with nothing to show from it? Learn the tricks used to push prospects hot-buttons, so you can customize your pitch in a way that aligns your solution with their pains and challenges.

  ♥ OTO4: Social Kickstart (Agency Edition)

Rapidly Grow Your Traffic, Leads, and Social Presence from a Single Location with just a Few Minutes of Setup!

  • Find and Schedule Viral Content

    Auto-Schedule Months in Advance for a Complete Hands Off Management of Your Content Marketing.

  • Go Live With Pre-Recorded Videos

    Facebook Promotes Your Videos at the Top of News Feeds for Increased Traffic, Comments, and Shares.

  • Explode Traffic on Facebook, LinkedIn, & Twitter from ONE Location

    Facebook Promotes Your Videos at the Top of News Feeds for Increased Traffic, Comments, and Shares.


Is It Worth Buying?

How painful is it when you’re paying $10, $50, even $100 dollars, acquiring just ONE lead – that ends up slipping through the cracks

waiting days or even weeks to reach out, or worse, NEVER.

Unfortunately it happens though, to everyone.

That is why ConvertLead can transform your sales performance overnight!

All sales experts agree – response times are the main factor in converting a prospect into a customer.

Just imagine

  • A centralized area to manage prospects from all lead-gen sources.

  • Having an automated system to engage each prospect instantly.

  • Triggering notifications to your sales team to contact or follow-up.

  • A way to listen to sales calls to improve conversions.

  • Response time and communication metrics to improve performance.

That is just the tip of the iceberg for what ConvertLead can do.

Normally you would pay something around:

  • $500/mo for an auto-dialer

  • $350/mo for a CRM (with contact limitations)

  • $50-200/mo for cloud storage of your call recording

  • $300/mo for email automation

Now you can deploy an unlimited number of lead campaigns, leads/prospects, users/sales reps, automations and call storage – for a one time investment.

Who Should Use It?

In my opinion, ConvertLead is going to be a brilliant choice for:

  • Affiliate Marketers

  • Product Creators

  • List Builders

  • eCom

  • eBay/Amazon Seller

  • Coaches & Consultants

The list goes on

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will ConvertLead work for my company ?

A: If you’re a small company that’s generating leads for itself, you’re paying someone else to handle this task for you and it’s not working great or you’re just about to start a new business that needs new leads and customers every day, then yep, ConvertLead is built for someone just like you.

Q: Will I be able to connect my page builder with ConvertLead?

A: ConvertLead can integrate with pretty much any platform online including facebook lead ads, webhook, zapier and more. Seamlessly get leads & data from all of the other tools in your marketing stack, giving you more time to focus on running your business. If you page has a form, it will most probably work with ConvertLead. ( 3000+ possible integrations)

Q: How hard is it to add my company and set up my first campaign?

A: ConvertLead makes onboarding a breeze. Just add your company and sales team into their web or mobile app and you’re done. Create a new campaign with 1 click of your mouse, assign it a new agent and track their activity in seconds.

Q: Do you really not charge extra to store my call recordings?

A: That’s correct, they store all of your call recordings so you can learn from them, use them for training and improve your sales reps performance, at no additional charge.

Q: Is there an extra charge to use the mobile app?

A: No, the mobile app, that is in the iOS and Android marketplaces is free to install and use with your ConvertLead account.

Q: Is there a license for agencies that want to use ConvertLead for their clients ?

A: Yes. After you have secured your personal license of ConvertLead, there is an optional upgrade for agencies. It will allow you to create “Companies” and then create lead campaigns within each company. You can also invite your clients to that company or campaigns.

Q: If I don’t like ConvertLead, can I get a refund ?

A: If you realize ConvertLead isn’t the right fit for you they can give you a refund as long as you’re within the first 30 days of the date you signed up for your account.


This is all want to share with you about ConvertLead. I hope that my review can give you a helping hand in deciding what is best for you.

Thank you for following my review and wish you all the best. Goodbye.

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